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    TL-WA901ND - Internet Connection fails

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    Hello! The access point just worked as expected until I once needed to switch the power off a couple of days ago. Now I still can connect with all devices but it does not let me browse the internet or check Emails... I have rebooted the access points several times and also changed its passwort but nothing works. I always can connect to the network and get full connectivity but I can't use it. Logging in to the tplink admin site also works but I have no idea what might be wrong there...

    Any ideas what I need to change? Since I am not an computer expert, I would appreciate easy instructions

    Thanks and Regards

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    Check the Ethernet port on the router with a computer which is used to connected to the TL-WA901ND.
    Rese and reconfiguration may help.

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    I reseted once again and now it is working again. Mmh, did the same before and nothing happened. Anyway, problem solved, thx!

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    Haha, it is something related to lucky.

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    Sound good
    webmaster at O To Tuan


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