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    Exclamation Deco app on android

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    Last night (31st Oct 2017) and this morning getting strange results on app running on Samsung S8.
    1) only 1(one) deco is displaying - usually all 3 (three) are there. No error messages. Checked visually all Decos all showing green light.
    also showing 0(zero) devices

    2)owner page (right swipe) on left edge of app shows owner name and email address correctly but underneath is the following string -
    "Android team is a great te..."

    Phone is stable and on latest version of app (1.2.12)
    Working mode is Access Point
    Anyone else suffering this or any pointers where to look.

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    Have a try to restart the three deco and try another phone?

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    Update to issue.
    Restarted Decos a few times and nothing changed.
    Left the app for a couple of hours went back to it when it opened with only one of the three Decos again but.... within seconds the home screen refreshed to all three
    Left everything over night as I thought it had corrected itself.
    Midday started the app again and it was back to one Deco--- hmmm!
    Borrowed my wife's phone (S8) and setup the app (and her as a manager of the network), which started normally and showed all 3 Decos.
    Back to my phone restarted app and it was back to three, so into tools and Managers which puts up error message "FAIED TO GET INFORMATION. Please try again later"
    Entered the "+" on the upper right and added wife's email as manager and saved. result message "Unable to add. Try again later,"
    Now I'm not totally certain but I think Managers/owners are stored in the cloud, but every time the app shows only one Deco the Wi-Fi/owner details show an incorrect owner/manager detail as indicated on my first post.
    Can there be an incorrect data transfer to the app?
    I have also found that doing a Forced Stop on the app temporarily rectifies the situation.
    Hope this helps anyone else with this problem.

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    It seems your phone has a slow response to Deco APP.
    Perhaps you just need wait more time, then the deco will show up.

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    Same problem here: only one Deco is displaying in the app . I let it search for minutes and only the one is visible (always the same one). When I check via WiFi analyzer i can see all three are broadcasting.
    Ps Deco is in AP mode (hope they fix the alternate IP range soon )

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    I will recommend you either switch to an another phone or restart the three deco or wait for a while because it seems that you've a slow response rate to the deco app.

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    Are the deco running the latest firmware and all connected to the same router or switch directly?

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    All Deco units are on latest firmware. And connected to the same router (although some are linked via switch). The only Deco I can see is connected via a switch. One is connected directly to the router and one is connected to another switch.

    Deco (not viewable)
    Router --- Switch ---- Deco (viewable)
    Switch Deco (not viewable)


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