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    Difference between Managed and Smart switches

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    Dear forum users,
    due to the fact that I'm looking for some new switch for my home, I'm taking a look to the tplink products.

    I'm serachine for one 16 port and some 8 port .... I see that the 8 port model is placed under smart switches.
    I cannot find the difference (in features) between managed and smart.

    Can someone help me find that differences ?

    Thank you
    Crippa Andrea

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    I think one difference I found is SSH/Telnet administration, which is possible on "managed" ones and not is "smart" ones. That is the difference I found for mine.

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    Smart switches have limited management features, while managed switches provide full management features such as some L3-functions not present in smart switches (for example, DHCP servers) or GARP-VLAN-Registration-Protocol (GVRP) etc. See the specifications for the switches for an exact list of the differences.

    IMHO, smart switches are sufficient if you don't run a data center at home and of course most smart switches also have a CLI, which allows administration through SSH or telnet. Anyway, you should select a switch by checking for the features you actually will need.


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