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Thread: linking LB 130

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    linking LB 130

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    I have 2 LB130 bulbs in the same room in floor standing lights,i can control then both together in a scene, but is there a way to control them both together straight from kasa?
    i would like to be able to change the brightness/colour in the app and have both the bulbs react accordingly at the same time, is there a way to do this?



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    Follow the link below to setup scene on Kasa:

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    Hi, Thanks for taking the time to reply, as i said i can control them both from the scenes, i have set these up but with each individual bulb if you go to more colours in the app you can make the bulb cycle through all the colours by moving your finger around the spectrum, i cant see why you cant get 2 bulbs in the same light fitting to do it together, im almost sure there should be a way but i dont know how,

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    You can choose multiple bulbs in one scene, but each bulb can only have one colour in one scene.
    If you want the bulbs have more colors , you need setup more scene.

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    I have spoken to tp-link technical, apparently you can not have two bulbs linked in this way only in a scene which to me seems silly and limits the amount of colours a bit unless you want to set up 16 million scenes, maybe not many people have two lights in the same room, so for now the LB130 unsmart bulbs will go back untill the technology is developed fully, dissapointing.

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    If you want to give my app a try rather than returning them I can add an automation action to synchronize the color (or temperature) of multiple bulbs - seems like a useful feature. Currently I only synchronize on/off. I use an agile process so customer requests drive features - you can click my signature to see more and contact me directly if you're interested. Usually takes a few days to get into a beta, a month at most to be released. (Yes it's an android app but it can work even if you use an iphone).

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    Hi MikeP, i would have thought it would be one of the first things they would have made them do !
    i am using iphone but i would be interested to see if it works

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    Sure - if you decide to give it a try you'll need an old android phone (or a low end pay-go android phone from bestbuy/walmart/target, etc, no need to activate it) that you'll leave at home running the automation using AutomationManager (from google play). You would still control your lights from your iphone with kasa or via a web browser if you'd prefer. The AutomationServer running on that stay at home phone will keep them in sync. If you go that route my site has instructions to get it all setup and you can contact me directly when you're ready to try a beta with color (and temperature and brightness) sync.

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    It sounds group function. How about sending a feedback to TP-Link Support and ask them to add this feature in the future?


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