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    Dear All,

    Question 1:
    If i have a deco m5 (router-repeater type) system at home, with 3 units linked together with ethernet cables, would the IFTTT services work on all the deco units or only on the main router?
    Our house has 2 doors:
    - The router-roled deco device is near the 1st door.
    - One of the repeater-roled deco unit is near the 2nd door.
    If I set up an IFTTT service - for example: send me an alert if some of my family member get home and connects to the wifi with their mobiles - does that also work if they connect directly to the repeater-roled unit (at the 2nd door) or only if they connect to the router-roled unit (at the 1st door)?

    2nd Question:
    Is it possible to turn off the wifi on the router-roled unit and let it only "routing" meanwhile the wifi of the repeater-roled units are turned on? The units would linked together through ethernet cables.

    Thanks for your help in advance.

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    Here are the answers for your two questions. Hope they are helpful.
    1. The IFTTT works for the whole mesh network, including the repeaters, not only the main router.
    2. It is not recommended to turn off the wifi, cause that will turn off wifi function on all the deco units, even though the Ethernet Backhaul can still work after the wireless disabled.
    But the premise is that the Ethernet Backhaul has been configured fine before wireless disabled.


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