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    TL-SG2008 & Playstation 4 Pro problem

    Model : TL-SG2008

    Hardware Version : TL-SG2008 1.0

    Firmware Version : 1.0.3 Build 20150624 Rel.57993

    Hello I recently bought a TL-SG2008 it works great but I have an issue.

    When I plugin in Router -cat6-> TL-SG2008 -cat6-> Playstation 4 Pro (static or dhcp client)

    Every couple of days randomly I will get a message on the ps4 saying "LAN cable not connected."
    It will keep flashing this message about 20 times and the there will be no Internet on the PS4.

    It eventually fixes itself and the Internet will be back on.

    When the PS4 is plugged directly into the Router this never happens.

    Does anyone know what could be causing this? The cat6 cable is brand new. 5 pcs plugged into the TL-SG2008 never have this problem. Is it something to do with the power saving port features on the TL-SG2008 ?
    I should also mention the TL-SG2008 is in the default setup with no settings changed.
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    Yes, could be the energy saving feature. Shouldn't be a problem if the port is activated on traffic.

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    so if its happening during traffic, during gameplay, thats not right is it?
    i have tried setting 'Speed and Duplex' to 1000MHD for the port still happens.
    What else could i try?

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    No, during data transfers the port should not be shut down. Things to try:

    - Change the cable (just to make sure - even if you use brand-new cables it could be a faulty cable).

    - Try another port on the switch.

    Note that if setting a fixed speed/mode you should set it on both devices, i.e. the switch and your play station. If one of them does auto-negotiation while the other has fixed mode, it can lead to a duplex mismatch which could cause trouble (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duplex_mismatch).
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    The cat6 to the ps4 is a 5mtr flat cable, I will replace it with a new non flat cat6 cable and post back results.

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    This was a faulty cat6 flat cable, it was 10mtrs not 5mtrs replace it with a normal round cat6 cable and it has been perfect for 3 days and showing no packet loss.

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    Well, then it was not a cat.6 cable, but rather cat.0.

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    and now it is rated cat bin


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