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    NC200 series and web plugin

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    Hi TP-Link

    Im curious. Why does your products need a browser plugin to work? I know NC200 last update was in 2015 but keep it updaed.. i noticed others more updateded produtcts NC250 also requires a web plugin..
    I bought it to connect to my Asustor NAS, but this seems like a disaster.. Im in contact with a supporter, but i will return the NC200 as soon as possible and must say im not satisfied.. I got other products (Power Banks and routers, mobile hotspots).. but never had these troubles...

    So for all users that dont want to be bound with a web plugin.. dont buy these cameras..

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    Many programs need plug in to work. I can accept this.

    Besides,TP-Link cameras can be viewed by tpCamera APP, Camera Control and cloud website, not just local web management.
    Maybe these ways can help to view the camera more easily.

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    I have an Asustor NAS that i want it to be connected to, but im in dialog with TP-Link so im hopeing that Asustor may get access to the plugin or else TP-Link has informed me that NC210 and NC 450 dosent require the web plugin..

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    Good. That will be a better choice for you.


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