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    AP200 - can I use the same SSID on all APs ?

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    I just bought the AP200 (aka AC750 I suppose). I want to use it to expand my home network. I have a rj45 wire between my ISP router (SSID Pancakes) and my new AP200. I followed the instruction for AP Mode during the AP200 setup process out of the box. Everything seems to work OK. My question is: Can I change the SSID of the 2.4 GHz to Pancakes and do the same with the SSID of the 5GHz spectrum ? my goal is to have one single network name visible to all family members everywhere in the house. It would be Pancakes, the SSID that I have on my ISP router. Can I manually do that using the Web client to configure the AP200 ?
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    Yes, you can change the AP200's ssid and password manually on the AP200's web management page to the same one as your ISP router.
    Normally clients will jump to the stronger signal automatically after that.

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    That's great!! also I'm have got that settings in my router. Many thanks.

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