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    TP-LINK WBS210 OUTDOOR Access Point connection with router

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    I need help i bought [h=1]TP-LINK WBS210 OUTDOOR 2.4GHZ 300MBPS WIRELESS BASE STATION[/h]i have my router in 1st floor and i need to have wifi in 2nd floor too,
    i think i must use tp-link as access point via etherenet,but i did everything wrong
    please can you give me the steps to follow?
    i messed up with the ip
    i want to use the devise as access point with ethernet cable

    internet access --> my modem 1st floor --> tp link access point (connected with ethernet cable)--> my laptop 2nd floor
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    WBS210 is an outdoor base station mostly used for long-range links with sector or dish antennas. Are you using the WBS for its PPPoE feature in AP Router mode (b/c you have a modem connected to it)?

    If this is the reason for choosing the WBS as indoor AP, take a look at the TL-ANT2410MO omnidirectional antenna, which might be better suited to supply client devices in an indoor scenario: http://www.tp-link.com.au/products/details/TL-ANT2410MO.html

    ou would have to configure it this way then (AP Router mode, not AP mode):

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    Note that although the picture shows a CPE, it's the same mode/setup you would use with a WBS and external antenna.
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