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    Angry AP500 - Multi-SSID not working as expected

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    I have the AP500, WA901ND and WA7510N. They are all on the lastest firmware.

    On the WA901ND and WA7510N, when I set up Multi-SSID (with VLANs), and configure VLANs on my switches, it works as expected (although the older APs need more reboots than expected). If I configure the AP500 to use Multi-SSID, it doesn't work.

    It appears that the AP500 does not allow traffic from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th SSIDs to get onto their VLANs and get to the DHCP server. Or, the DHCP traffic is not allowed onto the VLANs.

    I tried setting a static IP on a computer connected to the 2nd SSID (VLAN2) and that allowed me to ping the AP500, but nothing beyond it. If I do the same thing on the WA901ND then the ping gets to the DHCP server and I can ping everything else on VLAN2. This means the VLANs on the switches are configured correctly.

    The configuration options on the AP500 are somewhat basic compared to the WA901ND and WA7510N. Does TP-Link need to make a vastly improved firmware update available?

    Whatever they do this AP is new and cost about 100, which is not cheap, so they ought to fix the issues right away.

    Anyone have any solutions or workarounds please?


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    Suggest contact tp-link support team on support@tp-link.com, they have beta firmware

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    Share the bate firmware with you :http://support.tp-link.com/f/a596579351/?dl=1


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