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    Discconnect VPN after hours.....

    Model : TL-ER6020 & TL-R 600

    Hardware Version : 1

    Firmware Version : last

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Hi @all

    i use TL-ER6020 to an TL-R 600 with VPN

    the TL-ER6020 have a Static IP and the TL-ER6020 a Dyndns

    after IP-Change from the DSL (TL-R 600) in the night the TL-ER6020 are NOT reconnect to the TL-R 600

    only work after VPN - IPSec - General > Enabled / Disabled then reconnect the VPN.

    Every day the same problem only work when i change manually

    thx in advance

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    Which VPN service you are using...??
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    i don't understand ..... the VPN can only IPsec

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    Quote Originally Posted by upware View Post
    i don't understand ..... the VPN can only IPsec
    I was asking because sometimes a USA VPN does not support the router you are using. So you you have to contact the customer support to mitigate the issue.
    But TP link routers are sync able with almost every vpn in the market.

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    Have you check if the ER6020 update the IP correctlly?

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    No i have not. This router has a built in vpn. You can not install another vpn on it that is for sure.

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    Please make sure the internet connection is stable. It's important.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.J View Post
    Please make sure the internet connection is stable. It's important .
    Internet is working fine.. But once its connected to vpn the speed starts decreasing. I use a VPN for Ipad to bypass Geo restricted content.


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