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    Access points intermittently block DNS in Multi-SSID mode

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    I have the AP500, WA901ND and WA7510N and they all suffer from the same issue when in Multi-SSID mode. DNS requests appear to be blocked on and off every few minutes, making it seem like the AP's wifi crashes. However, simultaneously pinging a DNS address and it's IP address shows its only the DNS that is blocked. Anyone come across this and if so, have you got a fix or workaround please?


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    What's the firmware version and hardware version of them .Suggest to update firmware to the latest first, change channel

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    Thx for your reply. I have done a lot more investigation now and have concluded that what seemed an issue connecting to DNS... That's not the case. I need to create a new post as i can't change anything in this post to reflect the issue.

    To the admins, please close this post. Thx.

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    can reply to the post actually and update


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