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    Angry TP Link MR6400=NO VOIP

    Model : TL-MR6400

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version : 1.0.12 Build 160322 Rel.33912n

    ISP : Vodafone Italia[/COLOR]

    sorry for my englishIn november 2016 i bought on Amazon the fantastic TPLINK-MR6400 V.1. But i have a problem. I cannot use VoiP with Zoiper account via WiFi. I cannot hear other person, but other person hear my voice.
    I have been disabled Firewall, Sip Alg and forwarding port 5060 and 5062, all protocol. On my smartphone i have enabled stun server.

    With mobile data and another router with a same Sim Vodafone the voip it is ok.

    Please, help me o i have to change my TPLINK MR6400 with another router.

    Please, help me!

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    suggest to contact tp-link support team on support@tp-link.com, they seem to have a beta firmware for the VOIP

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    Thank you for your reply

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    I have been installed the beta firmware but now router can'r reader the sim and i cannot surf on internet! Please help me!

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    Unfortunately i cannot reset my router (not via 192.168 not via reset botton). Could anyone help me? The

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    How about downgrade to the previous firmware?

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    It isn't possible to come back.
    Amazon changes me the router with a v2 but the situation don't change. I enable the dmz but it is the same

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    Hi MilanFan, you can upgrade the firmware first.
    Contact tp-link support it this can't solve the issue. Perhaps they meet this same issue before.

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    Italian support told me that they cannot help me

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    poor service. As far as I know, TP-Link also have global support team . Their email address is support@tp-link.com. You may take a chance.


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