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    TL-WA901ND V2 in WDS repeater, connected, pings gw, not routing (Internet)

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    Firmware Version: 3.12.16 Build 130131 Rel.53760n
    Hardware Version: WA901N v2 00000000

    I have been using this device as universal repeater, but I dumped it, due to instability (working for mostly one hour, then losing connection, then ping watchdog resets it etc etc). Cheap Chinese APs do the job perfect (universal or WDS).
    Then I wanted to give a try, once again.
    My adsl router is a ZTE H108NS. IP is, WPA2 and WDS enabled.
    First I tried to set WA901 as universal repeater. Survey shows my H108NS SSID with "enough" rssi (32 dB). Working for some minutes, but it would not work overnight.

    Then thought to go wild and try WDS repeater. I paired the MAC on both devices, strange that in WA901ND there is no setting of "WDS key" (in H108NS router there is a setting). But somehow, the devices paired and connect wirelessly. Now I have two RF beacons, same SSID (different RF channels), same WPA2. Having or not DHCP enabled on WA901 (different pool from main), makes no difference (I normally leave it enabled, to access easily from laptop and "push" the gateway IP, even when no IP connection to main router). I set static IP of on WA901, mask, gateway
    If I connect to repeater's SSID, I do not have Internet (strange thing: I test in a place where there is no reception of the main ssid, not to be confused and, in some of the myriad reboots of WA901 I saw Internet - skype - for some seconds, before losing it again!).
    When laptop connected to repeater, I can ping repeater's, but not gateway's
    From gui of repeater WA901, diagnostics, I can ping gateway, even external IPs, such as google!
    When laptop connected to gateway (close place), I can ping repeater's!

    Looks like it is a routing problem of WA901... or distinguishing the interfaces (gateway vs own LAN), since it is supposed both are on same LAN Something like traffic goes one direction but the packets are lost on way back. "Route print" on laptop has no surprises, either.

    Any ideas? Should I try "Bridge with AP" mode (settings? relies on WDS as well?) also? Or should I go for openwrt?
    Thank you!

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    WDS repeater has compatibility issue with other devices, suggest to try access point mode

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    Quote Originally Posted by vieldcs View Post
    WDS repeater has compatibility issue with other devices, suggest to try access point mode
    Thanks for the suggestion, but as I said, I try to connect wirelessly to the adsl router (it is in adjacent building, so no option to run a utp cable between, for AP mode).
    I know WDS has compatibility issues, though it intrigues me that I am over with the "wireless pairing", ie WA901ND (from gui diagnostics) pings surely and constantly H108NS (the main, adsl router). Also, when connected with laptop to H108NS ssid (same to WA901ND's ssid, same wpa2, but I know where from the two I am connected), I can ping from laptop the (WDS) "Repeater" WA901ND. Recent weird thing that I noticed is, though as I said WA901ND ( can ping H108NS (, from the gui of H108NS I cannot ping WA901ND..! (I am not familiar with H108NS gui, but I think I am doing it right, since I can ping etc).
    So, for me, it is not a matter of wireless pairing (this looks nice and steady on WDS, compared to Universal where I have instabilities), it is some routing problem. The latest finding indicates that maybe I should look also into H108NS's routing (it cannot "see" WA901ND), but, then, why from laptop (on/through H108NS's ssid) I can ping WA901ND?

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    they are under the network , so can ping the WA901ND I guess

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enson Loo View Post
    they are under the network , so can ping the WA901ND I guess
    Yes, surely they are under same network (this was the intention), but not all routes (destinations) are permitted.
    Let me attach a schema, with connections and pings / NO pings. I repeat, looks like repeater and router ARE connected (WDS), since I can ping from repeater the router etc.
    Name:  tplink_wds.jpg
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    It is very strange. If the connection is setup successfully,but he channel that the router and WA901ND run should be same, but in your case, they are different.
    It is better to setup the 901ND to universal repeater mode. Change the channel of the router to avoid interference and move the 901ND close to the router, make sure the signal the 901ND get is enough for it to work.

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    After some days of experiment... changed (back) to universal mode... again same behaviour (with my initial universal mode setup), working for an hour mostly, then losing lock to main router.
    Ditched tp, put in place a Xiaomi Mi Router 3... fool-proof configuration (in 30" from plugging mains had it working: web config page pops-up, select repeat mode, choose ssid, input wpa), working like a charm for a week now, 3W (only) power (for a dual band, 2.4 and 5 GHz), cool in touch, powerful signal (with its 4 antennae, I measured at least 10dB more from 901). WA901ND back in the box, maybe I'll test/use it sometime in future, as a simple wired access point.


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