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    PoE voltage/distance limitations - support for higher voltage

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    I installed two APs for a client (TL-WA-801ND), the one cable is about 15m and the other is about 30m, but neither will work (all the lights just flash, indicating they're not getting enough power). I tested with a 5m cable and they worked. The manual says they should go up to 30m. The power supply provided to use with the passive PoE is 9V 0.6A - I'm guessing that's not enough power to cover the distances, which is disappointing.

    So my question is: Can I use a higher voltage power supply on these APs? Some PoE APs come with 24V PoE switches but will work fine on 48V for example. If not, assuming the resistance of the network cable is using some power, perhaps there is not enough current left for the APs, would installing a higher current 9V power supply then possibly solve the problem?

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    TL-WA801ND, only support passive POE . As far as I know, the switch use the standard POE, which cannot power the passive POE.
    This issue Seems related to the quality of the cables, you can try to change some high quality cables.


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