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    M7650 and EE data sim.

    Model :

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    I have tried to use a EE data sim in this M7650.

    I can see the signal bars but get no 3g or 4g.
    Check all the APN setting and all are correct to what I found online.
    The Admin page
    Status page said it was connecting - never connects.
    no ip address.

    I have tried the sim in my mobile and it connects and able to access the internet.

    I have tried a Virgin sim (work on EE network) in the M7650 which works.

    I have taken the M7650 to an EE shop to test it with other sim and get the same results. No 3g /4g and status say it is connecting.
    EE shop also tested the sim in they EE Mwifi and it works.
    Tried a working sim in the M7650 and it does not connect.
    So we know that the sim is working.

    So from all the testing we did we came to the result that M7650 does work with EE sims at all.

    Will Tp link look in to what is the actual problem and come up with fix?


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    M7650 not working with EE sim cards

    Model :

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version : Latest

    ISP : EE[/COLOR]


    I have tried to us an EE sim data card in the M7650.

    It does not connect.

    It only shows the signal strength with no 4g/3g.

    On the status page it shows that it is connecting and no ip address.

    Check the APN setting with the ones found on internet.
    All are correct.

    But no connection to the internet,

    I have tried a Virgin Mobile sim which works.
    Status page says it connected and I can access internet.
    The EE sim worked in my mobile.

    Took it to an EE shop to try a different sim.
    We tried a know good sim taken out of a working EE Mwifi.
    Still the same results with m7650. No connecting and no 4g/3g.

    Tried the my sim in the EE Mifi and it work with out an issue.

    Will Tp ink look in to why the M7650 will connect to EE network?
    Will Tp link come up with a solution and fix so it can be used with an EE sim?


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    I have done further testing.

    I tried our work business EE sim (old one).
    It connected and showed the 4g icon.

    I tried an O2 sim contract sim and that worked.

    So it will work with an old EE sim but the new ones?

    Can you tell my why is this?
    I have also downloaded the logs from the m7650.

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    Looks like the M7650 can just not recognize the EE SIM card
    1.Suggest to check the SIM card type is under the following network type:
    FDD-LTE: B1/B3/B7/B8/B20(2100/1800/2600/900/800MHz)
    TDD-LTE: B38/B40/B41 (2600/2300/2500MHz)

    2.Manually create a profile , and put the APN info in

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    EE use four different frequency bands within the UK, which covers their entire network from 2G to 4G.

    EE use:
    800MHz(band 26) for 4G
    1800MHz(band 3) for 2G and 4G
    2100MHz(band 1) for 3G only
    2600MHz(band 7) for 4G

    EE have built their core 4G network on the 1800MHz spectrum, with the 800MHz helping cover rural areas and will be used to launch VoLTE(Voice over LTE), the 2600MHz is used to provide additional capacity in built up areas(mainly cities) and providing 4G+ in double speed areas.

    So any LTE device with band 3 will work on EE's core 4G network, which is used in all 4G enabled areas.

    I have created the apn manually. Still does not work.

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    suggest you contact the support team at support@tp-link.com for further assistance

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    I have exactly the same issues but I have managed to get a connection by playing with the settings however many sits are hit or miss, and I can't connect to my place of work via a secure connection.

    Did you manage to get it resolved in the end, if so how did you sort it out?

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    How do I download the log file? Thank you for your help.
    [h=2]TP-Link M7650[/h]


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