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    Any PoE splitters tested?

    Model : Deco M5

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    It would be very useful to run the APs with an Ethernet backhaul coupled with PoE.
    I see that the Deco units are specified at 12v 1.2A and the only splitter that TP-Link provide is rated only at 1.0A
    Interestingly most of the TP-Link unmanaged switches (this is for home use) provide up to 15.4 Watts per port.
    Will the TP-Link PoE splitter work, or should I look for something with better power margin?
    Any suggestions? If there is a splitter with a USB Type C cable to connect directly to the Deco unit even better! (This is for the UK).
    I would be using TP-Link switches providing PoE.

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    I think the splitter TL-PoE10Rwill work, as it can provide the power the deco need.
    As far as I know, there is no splitter with USB Type C cable

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    Thanks - I did look at that but it is specified at 12V 1.0 A max and the Deco M5 spec says it needs 12V at 1.2 A.
    Any other products?

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    It is better to use the original power adapter of the Deco M5 since the power is USB Type C on the deco
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anton L.Z. View Post
    Thanks - that is only 100mb, not gigabit. The spec does not say the output wattage, but maybe it is sufficient.
    However, thinking about the Deco in AP mode and Ethernet as the backhaul, gigabit is a definite 'must have'.
    Any more suggestions?
    Do TP-Link view these forums?

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    as far as I know, tp-link do not have this kind of POE that can connect to the Deco


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