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    TL-WDN4800 Connection to 2.4 Ghz instead of 5Ghz

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    I am living in a dorm for this year and with the tp link software i can see there are several wifi that I can connect to, but when i try to connect to a 5ghz one it sometimes won't connect to it and instead connects to a 2.4 ghz wifi of the same ssid (yes, all of the wifi have the same ssid only the channels change).
    When it lets me connect to the 5ghz wifi it sometimes disconnects from it at random moments and connects back to the 2.4 ghz.
    I don't have acces to the modem and so I cannot change any options in it.
    Is there a possiblity for me to configure my pc so it doesn't show 2.4ghz wifi and only shows 5ghz wifi ?

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    What's the operation system of your PC?
    Since the 2.4G and 5G has the same SSID, does they has the same password as well?
    It shows two SSID on your PC or just one?
    You can try to delete profile and reconnect

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    I am running windows 10.
    They have no password as i have to connect on a website.
    It shows only one through the windows 10 wifi management and both on th tp link software.
    I tried to delete and reconnect both with and without th tp link software and it just connects back onto the 2.4 ghz one.<br><br>

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    I learned from tp-link that there is no win 10 for this adapter, but works automatically on windows 10
    Have you test this adapter on any other computer ?

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    I don't have any other computer to try it on at the moment so no.


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