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    Does anyone have experience using a VPN in Turkey?

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    Hey, Was hoping you guys could help me out. This coming Novemeber I'll be in Istanbul for approximately 4 weeks for work. I was doing some reading and I realize that you can't really access Youtube, Facebook or even Google in Turkey. Naturally, this is something that I definitely can't go without for 4 weeks. My question is a little paranoid but wondering how safe is it to use a VPN in a country like this? These websites have been banned and I guess are technically illegal. I don't want to get into any legal trouble while there for a few weeks but still want to keep reading Western based news. Does anyone have experience using a VPN in Turkey? I translated some of the suggests on https://eniyivpn.org and the author said that VPNs are pretty common in Turkey and most officials don't really care. Anyways, still looking forward to hearing what you guys think. Cheers.

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    Yup. There are some censorship problems in turkey event twitter is banned so using a borrowed IP by connecting a VPN isn't a big deal at all.
    Choose wisely because for bypassing censorship you have to be careful about your privacy as well because you may find free wifi and hotspots connections and they can get your easily invade your privacy.
    I would suggest PureVPN or Nord because not only PureVPN will help in bypassing instead it will maintain your privacy along with good speed. They are the most famous VPN provider in Turkey right now so do your own research work too then dive into it.

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    Thanks for your help

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    Thank you, then I will try to use PureVPN or Nord


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