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    Question Can not reach other wireless devices connect to the SSID on EAP245

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    Hi All,

    I newly installed a EAP245 in my home network. It is connected to my Fiber modem/router. Everything works fine except that I can only see wired devices that are connected to my modem/router and all other wireless devices that are connected to the same SSID on the EA245 are not visible. For example, I can not print to the wireless printer from my laptop when I am connected via the same SSID but if I connect my laptop via cable to the modem/router then I can see the printer and print to it.

    Please note that SSID Isolation is unchecked for the subject SSID.

    Any assistance is much appreciated.

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    Have you checked the IP address on your printer when connect to that SSID?
    This is a US business product. you may need to contact with US SMB support team for help, found this info, hope it helps:
    For USA Users Only (For Business)
    Toll Free:1 844 2TP 4SMB(1 844 287 4762)
    Service Time:M-F 6AM-6PM (PST)

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    Yes, I did. My printer has a static IP address in range of the DHCP scope of the modem/router. The EAP245 is just an access point and can not act as the DHCP server so all wireless devices connected to it get their IP address from the DHCP server on the modem/router.

    Thanks for the contact info


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