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    Quote Originally Posted by mlevison View Post

    Can we get a clear commitment from TP-Link that Access Points and Routers will upgraded to the new standard when hammered out? Again I ask because I need to decide if I'm keeping this or buying from a vendor who upgraded quickly.
    Clearly, tp-Link is not a company to rely on for stellar customer issue support and firmware upgrades for their devices. My past technical support experience with this company has been awful. Farmed out customer support services rarely are of much use if one is not interested in endless requests to reboot or reinstall this or that by people who know less than you and are reading from a script. .

    This is an article from Oct. 17. You may note with interest that tp-link is missing from the companies who have reported what they have done or plan to do with respect to KRACK. When it comes time to buy a new router, you may be well advised to select one from a company other than tp-link.


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    Junior Member walk0080 is on a distinguished road
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    For your next router, choose wisely (hint: Not TP-LINK)

    Based on what I have read, when using devices in AP mode, it is important to update the clients. I don't use WDS/Wireless bridge so updating the router may not be urgent. I have my doubts about seeing firmware updates from TP-LINK any time soon.

    I have two TP-LINK devices:

    TL-WR700N v1.1 --> No TP-LINK firmware updates since 2014.
    DD-WRT: Not compatible. :-(
    Verdict: No firmware update expected. Possibly junk, but I rarely use this device.

    C7 Archer v2 --> No TP-LINK firmware since 2016 (Canada version).
    DD-WRT: Compatible. From what I understand DD-WRT cannot take advantage of hardware NAT acceleration so not sure if I will install right away.
    Verdict: Waiting a little while, but likely switching to DD-WRT as I don't see TP-LINK updating.

    As an aside I have an ancient Linksys WRT54GL v1.1 that I just updated with a newer version of DD-WRT to patch [dd-wrt.v24_vpn_generic.bin v3.0-r33525 10/17/17]
    Verdict: When shopping for routers, make sure they are DD-WRT compatible!

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    Clarifying "Unaffected Product" List

    I have an Archer 3150 v1 router and an RE650 range extender. Latest firmware is over a year old for 3150. The list of "unaffected products" is unclear. It says:
    Routers and gateways working in their default mode (Router Mode) and AP Mode
    I searched manual and config screens for Router Mode or AP Mode and found no reference. But I am using it as a WiFi Router and not a bridge or repeater. So perhaps I am safe.

    Then for Range Extenders it says:

    Range extenders working in AP Mode
    The RE650 is in a repeater mode rebroadcasting the same SSIDs to a very remote area of my house. So I believe this device IS affected. The last firmware release was 2017-05-24. I generally shy away from RE but this solved a problem for me quickly and I'd like to keep it operational.

    I live in a very remote area so I can tolerate a few days wait for fixes, maybe even weeks. BUT...

    I work on a shipping product in the IoT (robotics). The fact is we have already provided a fix to our product and the patch took us just a couple of hours to make and then a day to test against dozens of routers. I worked on this fix so I have seen the C/C++ source necessary to make fixes to this I am surprised there isn't a bit more urgency from WiFi router makers. A fix to our Ubiquiti systems was available the day the vulnerability leaked. WiFi router companies will be judged by their response to this security crisis! There is so much open source code, like the Linux sources and some of the open source router firmware replacements, that contain fixes you could use as example code. Please fix fast. I am fond of my TP-Link products and have been recommending them to friends. But as Head of Security & Privacy I have to consider response time to major security vulnerabilities.

    This message is not meant to be arrogant but rather to explain that I am not sure the info at http://www.tp-link.com/en/faq-1970.html will be clear to everyone and that I have fixes to my own product, to my phones, tablets, and computers ALREADY. The Ubiquiti UniFi Pro APs I use in many of our facilities are already patched. So tick tock!

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    Good day Support,

    I have read your statement on "WPA2 Security (KRACKs) Vulnerability Statement" , as published at http://www.tp-link.com/en/faq-1970.html on 10-19-2017 01:20:23 AM.
    I am the owner of 3 x Auranet EAP115 V1 , which seem to be missing from both the "Unaffected TP-Link products list" and the "Affected TP-Link products list".
    Can you please let me know if the Auronet EAP115 V1 is affected or not, and modify the online statement accordingly ?

    Kind regards,
    René Fennet

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    Been about a week and a half, my device still not patched. When can we expect what to be rolled-out for what devices?

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    What about TL-WA584RE v1?

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    Junior Member rpcll is on a distinguished road
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    Is the TP-Link TL-WA890EA affected?
    I wrote to customer service about it, but haven't heard back.

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    If we buy a TPLINK Router, like C7 and C1200, and we can't use bridge mode, so why I need to buy it?
    so plese update any fix for us

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    Quote Originally Posted by ic3b34r View Post
    If we buy a TPLINK Router, like C7 and C1200, and we can't use bridge mode, so why I need to buy it?
    Do you need to use your router in bridge mode?

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    Almost 2 weeks have passed since the KRACK Attack was disclosed. There is still no Update for the Top-of-the-Line Product "Deco M5 Whole Wifi System" as of now!
    I have two of those Systems worth 800$ in place and I have to confess that I am really PI***ED OFF that TP-Link has not addressed this issue yet.

    BTW: Hosting this Forum via HTTP is also a joke! Do you care about security at all? Why the heck do I need to enter a password at all if it is transmitted in plaintext anyway? Very disappointed

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    Junior Member dan2017 is on a distinguished road
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    Camera NC230 not listed as affected

    What about NC230 camera? From what I gather it has just come out last year and received a firmware update 5 months ago and is still sold in local stores around.

    Smart home devices:
    Smart Plugs and Switch: HS100,HS105,HS110,HS200
    Smart Repeater with Plugs: RE350K,RE270K,RE370K
    Cameras: NC250,NC260,NC450, KC120

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    Junior Member dark3mpir3 is on a distinguished road
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    Nov 2017
    I registered on here just to say, I've always recommended TP-link products to people when looking for a good router, however I can't in good conscious do that anymore. I will most likely be replacing the firmware with DD-WRT, since they've patched the security flaw. If that doesn't work, I'll be tossing my TP-link routers at home and at work in the garbage and going with a company that takes security more seriously. I did find what careyer said to be really funny, I didn't even notice that TP-Link doesn't use SSL on their website at all. You can get it on bargain websites for like $2. How sad.

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    yes, because my house is big and that C7 cover area is small.

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    Just adding that I'm waiting for the RE210 and will probably unplug it soon and make a more formal complaint if a firmware update isn't issued. Repeaters are especially vulnerable to the KRACK.

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    It would be great if tp-link allowed customers to register for email updates each time a new firmware is available for their devices.


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