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    MR200 without Internet connection

    Model : Archer MR200

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version : v1 last one (EU)

    ISP : Simyo Spain[/COLOR]

    Hello, I have a new MR200 that works fine with wifi connection but doesn't allows to navigate. I unlock the SIM with the PIN correctly but when connected by 4G (or 3G) the router shows a message "Unexpected error" and there is no possible to navigate or acces to internet.
    The SIM works fine with a old MIFI. And also I can send a SMS (text message) to a mobile phone from the Tp-Link admin web, but not connect to internet. I tested 4G and 3G and nothing
    There is good 3G/4G coberture (3 o 4 lines)

    Some thing to test?


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    How about the status page on the router ? Any WAN IP address?
    If no WAN IP, You can try reset the router and manually create profile

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    Did you try to reset the Archer MR200 to factory default and see what happened?

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    Hello, I get a Wan IP, and also there is DNS coniffgured (primary and secondary), but there is not possible to navigate at any device I connect to router by wifi...

    Viewing the LOG I get the following warning:

    "LTE gets DNS Server ( are conflicted with LAN"
    but the DNS that shows the Internet properties of the router are other 2 IP's (

    The Diagnostic Tools said:
    Test Sim Card passed
    Test WAN Connection passed
    Network Connection Status Inspect (NCSI ) FAIL

    Unkown failures reason

    Any idea?
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    Did you get internet from the router via Ethernet cable?
    You can try to change the DNS server of the router to and


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