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    LB100 connection

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    I've had this bulb for several months, suddenly it lost network connection and no matter how many times I try, I always get "unable to connect" message. I also tried the manually connect to device option, uninstalled app several times. Nothing seems to work.

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    Did you try hard reset the bulb? Was your wifi network changed? Your WiFi network should be 2.4GHz, secured with a password of WEP or WPA PSK security type.

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    Nothing changed. Wifi still same network, 2.4 ghz, password secured. I reset the bulb 3 and sometimes 5 times on/off, and get "unable to connect" on app., though I can see bulb network on phone.

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    So the app finally opened up showing the bulb, but when I click the on/off button, nothing happens. It even shows my previous presets. I was able to update firmware ( hardware version 1.0, firmware 1.6.0).I can now see that it is actually an LB130 model bulb.Don't understand whats going on.Should I clickon " delete device"?
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    Delete it first and then add it again into the app, here is an FAQ about this issue, hope it helps:

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    Stopped trying with phone and used tablet. Went through right away. TY


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