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    Problem with TL-PA251

    Model : TL-PA251

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version : Ver. 1.2

    ISP : Orange[/COLOR]

    I have Powerline adapter model TL-PA251.

    The adapters function without problem, but from a few days ago, The three LEDs on the front of the two device are off.

    I have tried connecting them to other plugs but they are still off.

    I have them connected to a computer by ethernet cable and download software from TP-Link, install in laptop, but the software can not find no device.


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    Looks like it's totally dead, no power at all

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    I have a pair of TL-PA251 I don't use anymore, for their internal power circuits squeak and squeal as if there were mice trapped in them. Since these haven't been used much, I deduce this is a design weakness, very well probable to cause early death too.


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