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    HS110 doesn't work with Powerline TA-WPA4220KIT

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    When my Smart Plug HS110 is connected to the wlan Network provided by the Powerline adapter TL-wpa4220KIT it is only accessible when the devices that is running with KASA-app is logged in at the WPA-4220 Wlan-Network. If the kasa-app device is logged in at the Fritzbox wlan or via internet, the HS110 is shown as "logged off".

    Used Network devices: FritzBox 7272 - TL-PA4010 - WPA4220 - HS110 (all with "original Settings", only fimware was updated to the latest versions)

    remark: If the H110 Plug is connected to the Fritzbox wlan it works perfectly

    Hope someone can help to fix this issue. Thanks in advance!
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    You may change the IP address of your WPA4220 to same segment of your router.

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    Thanks Anton,
    I'm a beginner with those things. Can you give an advise how to change the ip segment? I'm already able to connect via lan-cable and tplink-software to the device, but how to change parameters is a miracle to me

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    Thanks Anton
    I'm a beginner with these things. Can you give an advice how to change the IP segment? I'm able to connect the wpa4220 via lan cable with my computer using tplink software but the rest are miracles...

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    I checked the IP-No. It's within the range of the Fritzbox. Any other idea to solve the issue? Thanks

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    The 4420 wlan network name is different from the Fritzbox wlan? If yes, clone it so you only have one wlan network. Otherwise, enable remote control on the HS100, then it should work no matter what network it connects to

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    So far, the HS110 plug was connected using the android version of KASA. I now used an apple device and all functions of HS110 plug worked perfect. Problem solved!


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