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    HS200 Wiring question

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    Hi all,

    Question, I bought a couple of the switches, HS200 and they wouldnt fit where I wanted them to go. Too much wire in the box behind them, they are large switches. So I found another location, its power, to switch to light to light to continuing power. A regular switch does work and turns the lights on and off. This switch, I can hear it switching when I turn it off or on both from touching it and using the Kasa app. Everything seems fine but it doesnt actually turn the lights off and on. Now since a regular light switch does turn the lights off and on I know its not the way its wired. I'm wondering if this switch wont work in this config. Below is a picture of how I wired the system up. Any suggestions to get the switch to turn the lights on and off?


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    Hi pal, fuzzy pic, but I guess you can refer their video: http://www.tp-link.com/us/download/HS200.html#videos
    I know that their HS200 won't work with 3-way switch.

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    I will check the video. Hopefully I can post a better pic. Its a 2 way switch.

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    Looks like power through fixture wiring, tricky to make the HS200 work there. At the very least you'll need to run an extra wire to provide neutral (though it *might* work if your bulbs are incandescent).


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