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    ScreenConnect unusably slow through Deco router

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    I have just installed a set of Deco M5 routers.

    I use ScreenConnect for remote support, and this has been working perfectly well until now, using an Archer D5 router. No configuration needed - uPnP did the trick.

    Now, with the Deco, it doesn't work. The Deco is supposed to support uPnP, but it seems it didn't work. Not a problem, I just manually port-forwarded the required ports. Which got it working... but I'm getting data throughput of about 3kB/sec. Not good at all.

    I thought it might be something to do with the antivirus, so I've disabled it, although it still has a few things in the log about blocking phishing attacks AFTER disabling the antivirus... hmmm....

    So the port-forwarding IS working, but my throughput is terrible. But if I use anything else, my speed is just fine. Even TeamViewer works perfectly. My ScreenConnect, however, is self-hosted. Not sure if that makes a difference. But I need to get it working ASAP.

    I've contacted TP-Link support and currently waiting for a reply... but I'm out of ideas otherwise...

    Any help would be very much appreciated!

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    Not sure what's happening. Guess you can wait their reply and share to the forum~


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