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    Question Activated TP-Link TC 7650 connects to internet via RJ45 to laptop but when connecting to router it fails

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    I removed my Xfinity modem and hooked up the TP-Link TC 7650 modem to the coaxial cable and activated it successfully by connecting a laptop to the TC7650 modem using RJ45 cable and going to xfinity.com/activation.

    After activation, I am able to successfully browse the internet on my laptop. TC7650 does not have the capability to broadcast on Wi-Fi, so I connected the RJ45 to my working Netgear 2.4 / 5 G Wifi Router and hooked up the laptop to the wifi router - no internet connection both via wifi or Router to Laptop by RJ45.

    I had to connect my old Xfinity Modem again and hook it up to the router to restore my Wi-fi as well as several RJ45 based devices.

    Why am I able to have internet connection when directly connecting to the Modem and not via my router? What am I doing wrong? Should I change any configuration on my Router? Please help


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    As you said you can get internet from TC7650 directly so I am considering the settings on the router. You can reboot both the TC7650 and your router and after total reboot, hook them back together by cable. Otherwise I think you need to reset your router to default or change the connection type to dynamic manually on the router


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