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    TL-SG1024D and TLSG1024DE randomly lose configuration

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    I have a few of these switches in operation and occasionally during power outages they will revert to factory defaults and lose all configuration. The most difficult issue with them is the default IP address. The switches use as an address and if that is what the customer has on the router typically the switch will assume this address and the entire network goes down. If the customer uses VLANs then it is a huge mess because Tagged traffic isn't working and untagged ports start crossing networks.

    This is not an issue with hitting save because we can power down the switches without issue and it appears very random and it has happened at more than one customer.

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    TL-SG1024D is the unmanaged switch, in my opinion, the model number is TL-SG1024DE. I am using easy smart switch also(TL-SG108E and TL-SG105E). But I have not met the same issue.
    I think you need suggest customer to change username and password.;

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    These are the managed version and those have been changes. I'll get a call every now and then that the network is down. Typically after some kind of power outage and the device no longer has the configuration. This has happened to multiple clients. I have deployed these switches in multiple locations.

    The default IP is just an annoying issue though. For example if the customer has DHCP running on a server it takes longer for that to boot and after the box loses the configured static IP the box assumes and conflicts with the network.

    I have ceased purchasing these in units.


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