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Almost every day I get a call from a customer running a TL-ER6120 V1 that their employees out in the field can no longer connect to the VPN. They are using TheGreenBow VPN clients, virtually all of them on the latest version. The computers range from Windows 7 to Windows 10 machines, and includes my own laptop which has five different VPNs configured, all to TPLink routers. When this happens it is only their router that I can not connect to.

All other features of the router seem to work fine. I can remote in to their server, connect to the router via the webpage, go to management and tell it to reboot. When the router comes back up everything works fine. The only difference really between this install and others is that this router is plugged into a POE switch (also TPLink) and it has probably twenty people connected to it at max use times, this in addition to their VOIP phone system and general internet traffic. This makes this the hardest working router I have.

Ideas? Suggestions?