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    TL-PA9020 KIT - Connect both ports to router

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    Hi all, quick question for anyone that may know, is it possible to connect Both ports on the TL-PA9020 to the Router/Internet?
    So on one PA, connect both ports to the router, and on the other PA, connect two ports to a Gigabit Ethernet UnManaged switch. (TP-Link TL-SG108)

    If so, will this improve speed/throughput?

    I have a ThinkServer (Intel Xeon Quad Core E3 (1226 v3) 3.3GHz Processor) connected to the TP-Link switch, which hosts some content like ripped UHD Bluray Movies, photos etc, and when streaming to the TV/NVidia Shield, I experience latency issues/buffering, jittering playback etc.
    The server is located in a room next door to the lounge (where the TV/NVidia Shield TV) is. (about 12.5ft distance)

    Any advice appreciated, Thanks in advance.

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    It can't be done like that. Will cause broadcast strom

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    What you're trying to do is called link aggregation, and the PLC adapters don't support this. Besides, you'll learn that only on an exceptionally good and short PLC connection will the PLC speed exceed that of a single gigabit LAN wire.

    So ... no and no. No it doesn't work, and even if it did, no it wouldn't increase throughput.

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    Thanks for the info guys, that answers my query. Much appreciated. :ThumbsUp:


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