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    HS100 temperature range?

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    1. Just setting up HS100 at home. One of the units is used for scheduling a car engine heater in my garage. However, this beeing in Norway, it's not unnormal that temperature will drop below zero inside the garage wintertime. In the HS100 spec it says from 0 - 40C so I wonder if this is gonna work?

    2. A day after the intial installation I sometimes get these messages: "Failed: Account is not binded to the device" or " Remote control disabled, This device is bound to another user account" ????

    3. In view of the above unstabilities I dont know if I dare to use the remote control option. If something is switched on and I loose the connection.. So if I only need local control , I have the option to disable the remote access and rely on my WiFi dont I?

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    I am not sure if it can control the car engine heater or not, you'd better check the spec. and also the temperature can't be very low for a electric applianceName:  spec.png
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    The heater is about 1500W so the Max load is ok. But I'm afraid you might be right about the temperature. There's posts from other members about this problem too. However, if I can locally isolate the plug, maybe together with a small heatsource, I can keep the temperature just above zero degrees.

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    Good way to try


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