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    TL-PA4010PKIT Unknow Device

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    i have two questions/problems.

    No1. When im using the Utility tool all of my 3 Powerline Adapters are marked as "unknow devices". I want to update the firmware, but i cant because of that. I have tried a factory reset by pressing the pair but for at least 15 seconds, but that has changed nothing.

    No.2. I dont know which Version i have. the back of the Adapters are saying Ver: 2.3, is it Version 2 oder 3?

    Thx a lot

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    It's V2 . I think you can try tpplc utility

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enson Loo View Post
    It's V2 . I think you can try tpplc utility
    I cant update the firmware with the tpplc utitlity tool, because of the "unknown device" status. I just can rename the Adapters, nothing more.

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    Try a factory reset on the adapters first. Once someone renamed the adapters, using any other powerline management tool but TP-Link's own, the tpPLC utility cannot identify its own adapters anymore. This is due to the nonstandard (and non-permanent!) way TP-Link firmware carries the device identifiers - they put the model identifier into the user changeable "unit name" field instead of the permanent make/model/version fields. [And to align with that, tpPLC does not actually program the unit name into the device, it just remembers the name in the tpPLC utility - so when you view your PLC network from another PC, the names aren't there.]

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    (To factory reset, hold down the link button for about 15 seconds as you power on the unit)

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    I have the same problem. I see my TP-WPA4220 WLAN adapter in the powerlan. I don't see my TL-PA4010P Kit adapters..
    Resetting the adapters doesn't work.


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