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    Av 600 tl-pa4010kit

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    I just bought the AV 600 TL-PA4010kit.
    I put the adaptors in the two different sockets. One adaptor works...one of 3 lights went on rigth away.
    The other adaptor does not work at all (none of the lights are on).

    Is this a hardware problem or did I do something wrong?

    Thank you for your reply.


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    If you tried different wall sockets but same results, it's a hardware issue then

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    That or the LED function has been configured to "always off" before. Has that kit been unpacked before, any hints on the packaging? Whatever you do, try a full reset on both units (very long button press), then pair them again either using the utility or the button method (see manual).

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    All LEDs off even when initially plugged in means that the unit is bricked or dead. Try the firmware recovery utility posted by me elsewhere on here. If it doesn't see the adaptor at all then it's probably faulty.

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    Thank you!

    The adaptor definitely does not work. The utility can find the one that actually works but i cannot connect with the other one. So I will send it back for repair/renewal. I'll let you know if the new device actually works.
    Thank you for now.


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