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    Disconnections Nexus 5X

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    Hello. I want to report an issue that I have 2 months now. I have TL-WA850RE v4.0 Range Extender. My other devices connect with the TL-WA850RE v4.0 normal. No disconnections. When I connect my Nexus 5X, is sometime soon it disconnect and it didn't want to reconnect. Maybe it's an incompatibility with the device?
    When I connect to router (not extender) my Nexus 5X, it didn't disconnect. Only issue I have with the extender. May you update the firmware?

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    I think you can check on both extender and your Nexus 5X for update. Also changing wifi channel is an option too

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    I have updated my phone son the extender it sticks with the first firmware version when it released at January 9th this year. I will check the channels and I will respond as soon as possible.

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    Hello again. I changed the channel from router but the issue still there. Slow connection and disconnections. My phone is up to date. Maybe is issue from the extender.

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    Range extender has the latest firmware? When it disconnects on your phone, do you check the IP address? If WiFi shows connected but not internet, no IP address, you may set static IP address for your phone. As for what to put in as IP address, gateway, etc. check that out when it connects

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    Range extender has the latest firmware. I check IP Address. The WiFi show as connected and I have internet access but with low speed (approximately 0.2 to 2 MB/s), router gives me speed approximately about 7 MB/s. The IP address is visible on my Nexus 5X. When I connect to router, I have 7 MB/s download speed.

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    For this problem, I think contact the tp-link support team for further help would be a good choice


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