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I have installed a CAP1750 as well as a CAP300 Outdoor.
The 5 Ghz SSID works fine with all devices supporting 5 GHz band.

for the 2.4 GHz SSID only 2 devices are able to connect. One is a iPhone 6 Plus the other one is a quite old Samsung Android smartphone.
I could not connect a Galaxy Tab as well not the iPhone 4 as well as I failed to connect an HP ZBook15 to the 2.4 Hz SSID.

I finally does not matter if connecting on the 1750 or the 300 Outdoor AP. Both are failing.
I have also tried to tear down the SSID to an open WLAN network without any authentification but still the same.
Also I change the channels from automatic to channel 6 and 11.