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    AV2000 connected to Modem

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    I currently have the AV2000 powerline kit.

    The "Sending" unit is currently plugged into an outlet in utility room near modem and connected to ethernet port on my router and the "Receiving" unit is plugged into an outlet in an outbuilding on the same electrical circuit, and to my PC.

    The system works flawlessly with no dropouts. Speed is outstanding. Im getting the full 50-75 mbps from my ISP (Optimum). Great product that solved a huge issue.

    However, situation will change where I will need to move the router into the outbuilding near my PC. The modem will stay in place (cant be moved for various reasons).

    My question is, can I connect the "Sending" unit to the WAN port on my modem, then connect the "Receiving" unit to my router (which I will have moved into the outbuilding) and then obviously my PC to the router.

    I dont plan on needing or using any additional powerline units (wired or wifi).

    Will this work? Will I have an DHCP issues or MAC issues? I would like to be able to use the router to connect other PC's in addition to my main PC. I know the powerline adapter model I have has two ethernet ports so I can add at least another PC and probably another switch....but I dont want the main router in the location where it currently is and I would rather not have another device like a switch.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Do you mean modem-AV2000 ~~~~~~~~AV2000-router? This way can work but in that case AV2000 will act like a cable so you won't be able to add any PC or wired devices to the second AV2000.

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    So long as the protocol between the modem and the router is an IP protocol, I see no issues. Powerline adapters should be completely transparent to the communication between modem and router.

    What you can't do is add more devices to that path, so the 2nd LAN jack on each of those 9020 will go unused.

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    ok great. i kinda thought that it would work but wanted to be sure.

    im ok with the second ethernet port on the receiving device not being useable since the router will provide the additional ports that i wanted.

    i should be seeing the same performance as before yes?

    thanks for the replies folks.

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    I think you can test out by yourself. It won't mess up if you just switch some cables


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