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    Archer VR2800 (EU) new firmware - 0.3.0 0.9.1

    Model : VR2800

    Hardware Version : 1

    Firmware Version : 0.3.0 0.9.1

    ISP : BT Infinity

    I happened to log into my router today and fond there was a new firmware available. I could not find this on the TP-Link site under firmware for the VR2800 but installed it from the router interface. All seems to still be working!

    The release information said:

    Latest Version: 0.3.0 0.9.1 v006c.0 Build 170809 Rel.42095n

    Modifications and Bug Fixes

    New features/Enhancements:

    1.Supported Quick Setup in wireless router mode.
    2.Added IPTV function with VLAN ID connection in wireless router mod.
    3.Added speed test.
    4.Added IPv6 firewall.
    5.Parent control can filter URL of IPv6 website.
    6.Changed the rule of WiFi button to long press (at least 1s) to enable/disable wireless signal.

    Bug Fixes:

    1. Fixed the bug that less than 10 address reservation clients can be added.
    2. Fixed the bug that Webpage flushing when use iPhone Safari browser to login.

    1.For Archer VR2800(EU) 1.0.

    Anyone else installed this new version?
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    This build (170809) has been out in Australia since August 2017: http://www.tp-link.com.au/download/A....html#Firmware

    No issues using it here. Not that I noticed any before. Relative to some other models, the VR2800 is relatively trouble free and this latest firmware thankfully doesn't change that!


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