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    Tp-Link AV500 wireless stopped working

    Model : wpa 4220 kit

    Hardware Version : v1

    Firmware Version :


    I have this estrange problem: suddenly the wireless connection can't get IP address so I can't have internet wireless, but trough the ethernet there is no problem.

    I have reset both modem and TP-links, paired, cloned and keeps the same: only connection trough ethernet ports in the TP link work, not the wireless.

    The wireless strength signal of the TP-Link is very good, just that can't get that IP address.

    Any help?

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    Solved, I think.
    Didn't notice that this problem is actually in the sticky section, sorry about that.

    What I had to do was:

    1. Disconnect the WPA4220 from the networks (press 10 seconds the Clone button)
    2. reset the WPA4220 not the PA4010.

    From ther is to repeat the normal first time procedure

    3. Pair WPA4220 to PA4010
    4. Clone WPA4220 to router

    All devices work well and have no problems: pc and phones connect without problems. Funny thing still is that the powerline utility can't find the devices for further configuration, go figure.


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