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    [TD-W8951ND ] Flashing lock symbol

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    I need to know please, the light flashing code of the lock symbol in the TD-W8951ND modem/router.
    Someone told that the different lock flashing has meaning of the modem state with internet ISP.
    Is there please, a document wich explain that or can you explain me that ?


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    I think you push the wps button by mistake. Flashing lock light means WPS handshaking is in process and will continue for about 2minutes. Please press the WPS button on other wireless devicesthat you want to add to the network while the LED is flashing. It should turn off after few minutes. Or you can turn off the router and turn it back on, the lock light should turn off too

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    Thanks for your informations Shield101

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    NP, bro
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    Thanks for your informations Shield101


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