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Thread: Tl-mr6400

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    I have just bought TL-MR6400 4g router. I went to my local tp-link webpage in Norway to download firmware, so I downloaded the latest version offered on the site. When I reset the router I see that the web ui i somewhat distorted, so I cannot see or change settings for 3g/4g. I cannot see the wifi from my computer even though the setting is turned on. I tried to reset through the web ui but I just get an error message, I`ve tried uploading a different firmware through the web ui, but it does not work, I just get a time out message from the webpage.
    I checked the bottom of the router and I see that I have version 2 router (the webside in norway does not offer firmware for version 2), the firmware I uploaded was version 1.
    I have tried recovery mode and managed to upload version 2 firmware through tftp, though when the process is complete the software and hardware version on the webiu has not changed and everything is the same as before.
    How can I fix this? The router is not bricked.

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    looks bricked to me. I guess you can try few times re-upload version 2 firmware through tftp.

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    managed to install openwrt to it, but unable to revery back to OEM firmware, I belive I need a version 2 firmware stripped from bootloader to get it working. Tried to remove the bootloader myself with the method described several places on the net "dd if=orig.bin of=tplink.bin skip=257 bs=512" but it doesn`t work. The firmware uploads 100% in recovery mode but nothing has changed after the router has rebooted. So now I am stuck with openwrt experimental edition.

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    Sorry pal. Don't know what to do either

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    Managed to fix the router. I extracted the OEM .bin file from tp-link (opened in winrar),there is a router.bin file inside and I flashed the firmware with that one, after rebooting it works and I manage to login to the webui

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    Good sharing


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