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Thread: Tl-mr6400

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    I have just bought TL-MR6400 4g router. I went to my local tp-link webpage in Norway to download firmware, so I downloaded the latest version offered on the site. When I reset the router I see that the web ui i somewhat distorted, so I cannot see or change settings for 3g/4g. I cannot see the wifi from my computer even though the setting is turned on. I tried to reset through the web ui but I just get an error message, I`ve tried uploading a different firmware through the web ui, but it does not work, I just get a time out message from the webpage.
    I checked the bottom of the router and I see that I have version 2 router (the webside in norway does not offer firmware for version 2), the firmware I uploaded was version 1.
    I have tried recovery mode and managed to upload version 2 firmware through tftp, though when the process is complete the software and hardware version on the webiu has not changed and everything is the same as before.
    How can I fix this? The router is not bricked.

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    looks bricked to me. I guess you can try few times re-upload version 2 firmware through tftp.

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    managed to install openwrt to it, but unable to revery back to OEM firmware, I belive I need a version 2 firmware stripped from bootloader to get it working. Tried to remove the bootloader myself with the method described several places on the net "dd if=orig.bin of=tplink.bin skip=257 bs=512" but it doesn`t work. The firmware uploads 100% in recovery mode but nothing has changed after the router has rebooted. So now I am stuck with openwrt experimental edition.

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    Sorry pal. Don't know what to do either

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    Managed to fix the router. I extracted the OEM .bin file from tp-link (opened in winrar),there is a router.bin file inside and I flashed the firmware with that one, after rebooting it works and I manage to login to the webui

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    Good sharing

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    I have exactly the same problem. TP-Link Website pointed me to Austrian web site, this had only the V1 version which I flashed on my V2 hardware. :-(
    I managed yesterday to flash OpenWRT via tftp. I also downloaded mr6400v2_en_1_0_15_up_boot(170912)_update_full.bin , used

    dd if=mr6400v2_en_1_0_15_up_boot(170912)_update_full.bin of=tplink.bin skip=257 bs=512

    and used:

    mtd -r write /tmp/tplink.bin firmware

    to flash it. Unfortunatly, tihs starts flashing but after one or two minutes, stops with "Failed to erase block".

    I was also able to re-flash the extracted "router.bin" over TFTP ... then I have the original Web Page Look, but the status page is empty and the "Firmware Upgrade" function does not work. So it looks as if the firmware was updated but the web browser data files are not?

    Any ideas what do else to try to get the router back to normal?

    Thanks // Tom


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