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    TN-W8960N No internet connection

    Model : TD-W8960N

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : Telkom[/COLOR]

    Please help me!

    My router used to work perfectly fine then one day it just would not connect to the internet.
    The internet light is off on the router
    My ISP says everything is fine on their side and that my router is faulty
    I then went to purchase another router and have the same problem

    I have reset the router to factory default and configured it again - done this probably about 10 times

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    Is the ADSL led light up? solid or flashing? since two modem routers have the same problem, it might be issue of ISP end as well

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    The ADSL light is stable (not blinking)

    When I troubleshoot on my PC it tells me the DNS Server is not responding

    When I troubleshoot on the router's page it tells me PPP down, check VCI/VPI, Encapsulation, Contact ISP.

    So my ISP has assured me that everything is syncing on their side

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    what's the VPI/VCI and connection type? If the connection type is PPPOE, I think you can dial up on your computer to create the broadband connection. Meanwhile, you need to reset the router to default settings then it will act like bridge mode. To do so, you may test it there's any issue with your provider or not.

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    I have same issue with my TDW8960N, normally power off for 10minís and solves problem, I replaced it last month with another new unit the same, And still have same issue on a daily. Basis! all settings and firmware is updated and all else has been checked. It,s Really Frustrating, have heard others with same issue and powering off is the only Fix. My ISP believe itís a possible hardware quality causing overheating issue.Now looking into another unit.

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    I would like your help for the purchase of
    a network accessory or a wifi router of less than 100 euros
    quite powerful and easy to handle.


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