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    Exclamation EAP320 not giving IP to client

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    I have installed 2 EAP320 with the controller and I got a weird issue with them.
    Randomly, they will not hand IP adresse to client. Client are connecting successfully but show the IP
    I have set the band to 20Mhz, tried IP isolation and check every parameter I could find on the controller.
    Everything else on the network is working properly and are getting IP from the DHCP as normal. DHCP scope is good and I have half the scope available.
    AP were initially at v.1.0.0
    I have already upgrade them to latest firmware: 1.1.2 20170725
    Controller is at 2.4.8
    The issue happen with no constant, happen on both AP and in both 2,4&5Ghz.
    Wifi is set on WPA2-psk, AES.
    No access control.
    This is a fresh install.

    Any idea how to fix this?

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    Hello everyone,
    here an update: It look like the devices are getting an IP adresse even if the controler is showing
    The device can ping other devices in the Lan network but can't access internet.
    Mystery is still unsolved.


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