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    Mini Plug Stuck with Flashing Lights

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    My TP-Link Mini has been working reasonably well for the past few months (fine with app, less fine with Alexa). After one of my resets to get it to play better with Alexa it has stopped working overall, getting stuck in configuration mode with a flashing blue/amber light.

    I just did a factory reset (hold 5, hold 10). After setting it up, it again gets stuck in the flashing light sequence. In my Kasa app the device is greyed out and when i press on it i get:

    Device Unreachable
    Your Device may be powered off or out of network range

    It is not powered off as the my living room lamp is connected to it and it is attached (in theory) to the same network as my phone.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    flashing blue/amber means it is in app config mode, so you need to add it again to the WiFi network via Kasa App

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    Thanks for the reply.

    That's the problem - it won't come out of config mode. I add to the network, it connects and then after a few seconds it drops back into config mode. I actually have two wireless routers (so two network names) and it happens on both.

    This still happens after the factory reset too.


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    Yeah - it's stuck in config mode. i add it to the app but then it "falls" back into it. Is there a way to break that cycle?

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    emm... sounds strange, during the process to add it again, is there any error message? sometimes the phone will switch automatically from the original tplink smart plug wifi back to your router as there is no internet on the tp-link wifi, so you may check that if there is some error message when you add it, if indeed your phone switch back to your regular wifi, you can also forget the regular wifi, then it will not switch back automatically

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    For some reasons my posts aren't all posting...

    The long and short of what I wrote is that I'm able to log into the device with no problem and adjust settings. But for some reason the device is not staying on my local network.

    When I reset the device it will initially connect, but then after about 5 secs it will drop the connection (i'm guessing) and head back into config mode.

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    I think I figured this out. It seems to be a security issue on my network. My router uses a wpa security. which i switched it to a router with wep it seems to be working. the odd thing is that it was working fine on wpa before. oh well - at least it's working

    hope this helps someone else!

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    good share


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