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    SOLVED Outdoor EAP110 and ip camera ports.

    Model : Hardware Version : Firmware Version : ISP : [/COLOR]I am getting ready to purchase a outdoor EAP110 and use it to wirelessly bridge a 70 meter gap between my wireless outdoor ip camera and my indoor router. The EAP110 uses http port 8088 I believe, and my camera uses 8001. My question is do they both have to be on the same port in order to access the camera from the internet? I could forward both ports on the router if necessary. ThanksMike
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    SOLVED. Outdoor EAP110 and ip camera

    Model : Hardware Version : Firmware Version : ISP : [/COLOR]Another rookie question here. I have a wireless outdoor ip camera that i woold like to access externally from the web. I thought I could wirelessly sync up to a outdoor EAP110 to bridge the 70 meter distance from the camera and AP to the indoor router. Can this be done with a EAP110 or do I need a CPE type? I have read that the 110 cannot sync up to a webcam. Any help would be great.ThanksMike

    SOLVED: I talked to Tech support and they advised there should be no problem syncing up to a wireless ip camera.
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    Tech support told me it wont be a problem.

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    Tech support advised the ports have to be different to function.


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