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    TPPLC Utility not recognizing Powerline adapter TL-PA8030p v1

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    I installed and run the Utility Program under Win10Pro in admin mode. But all it does is to list my 4 powerline adapters T-Link TL-PA8030p V1.0, but without recognizing them. All 4 are unknown devices, thus the available option is renaming. I cant even deactivate the LEDs with tpPLC. Quite unsatisfying. Am I doing something wrong? My fritzbox recognizes them and tells me something about a firmware version I can activate and deactivate the LEDs, change the MIMO settings, etc.

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    Have you downloaded the latest utility version from the support website? Installed the latest firmware?
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    Hi The Vogon, yes, i am using the Utility Tool version date 2017-07-07. And I don't know if I have the latest firmware running, because all I can do is to rename the device. /Update I read in another thread with a different device but the same problem that I have to reset the device by holding the Pair Button for more than 15 seconds. After this, the Utility Tool is able to recognize the device. Seems like the renaming of the device by using another method than the Utility Tool's broke the recognition process of said Tool. I regard this case as closed. Greetings, Moatu

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    Exactly - that is why as a device vendor, one should place the vendor and model information into the "vendor" and "model" data fields of the firmware, not the "unit name" field.


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