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    Thumbs up TL-WR840N V4 - no repeater and AP mode

    Model : TL-WR840N

    Hardware Version : V4

    Firmware Version : TL-WR840N(RU)_V4_170407

    ISP :

    Hello. I purchased recently (September 2017) TL-WR840N V4 and there is no repeater and AP mode. In TL-WR840N(EU)_V4_170421 Firmware version. Repeater mode and AP mode was added according to changelog, but i have RU version of this router and cant update to EU version. I am not even living in Russia. What the heck? I am really disapointed with modern TP-Link production. Do you planning update your RU firmware version of allow me to program my router for EU version or any other like dd-wrt? If yes what ETA?
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    is the access point mode working in this way: http://www.tp-link.com/en/faq-417.html?
    for repeater mode, you may try the WDS, it is similar but may not compatible between different routers, my device works in the access point mode but doesn't work in WDS mode, hope it helps


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