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    Install OpenWRT on TL-WA901ND v5

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    I am starting a project doing some location detection with routers and I was wondering if there's any way possible that I can access my TL-WA901ND v5 access point either through telnet, ssh or scp so I can install Openwrt firmware?

    Thanks Community,

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    as far as I know, installing third party firmware will void the warranty...

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    Install OpenWRT on TL WA901ND v5

    hello everyone. i have wondered if after installing gargoyle in my wndr3800 i can install some openwrt packages which i find useful for my configuration. im looking into installing wifitoggle and the kmod-leds-wndr3700-usb packages. i have searched the gargoyle forum but no hits. is this doable or not? if not doable, do you think asking Eric to add these will go anywhere? thanks in advance...

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    Oct 2017
    hi everybody. I have thought about Dissertation Writing whether in the wake of introducing foreboding figure in my wndr3800 I can introduce some openwrt bundles which I find valuable for my setup. im investigating introducing wifitoggle and the kmod-leds-wndr3700-usb bundles. I have looked through the beast discussion yet no hits. is this feasible or not? if not possible, do you think requesting that Eric include these will go anyplace? much appreciated ahead of time.


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