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    I'm a new user. My home is wired with cat 5e to most rooms so I am excited use that as the backhaul. Questions: 1) Directions start with unplug your modem. I don't have a modem. Now my network begins with a router that is set with the static ip address/dns/etc for my internet provider. Will the deco router replace that (and serve as the dhcp server) or is my router considered my modem?2) Is it still okay to use some Ethernet devices on my network that are on the backhaul side (network) of the deco's?Thank you for your help!

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    Actually you can either replace your existing router with Deco(as router mode with DHCP server) or connect the Deco to your existing router(set Deco as AP mode), here is the FAQ to set AP mode: http://www.tp-link.com/en/faq-1842.html, regarding the second question, yes, there are two Ethernet ports on the Deco, so you can still connect Ethernet device to the other port on the backhaul side


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