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    Account linking with Alexa

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    I had a TP link with Alexa connection that was working fine until several days ago. The Kasa app worked and still works fine today. I disabled the TP link skill and tried to add it back. I initially ran into a server error when I tried to enable the skill. That issue went away and I now get the email and password pop up. Problem is I canít login using my TP link user name and password. It says user name and password invalid and yet here I am able to login to the TP link website and able to register to post on this forum. When I click on forgot password, I never get an email. Since I purchased and setup my TP link, I changed email accounts. There appears to be a disconnect between my account I used to connect TP to Alexa the first time and my current account or TP linkís forgot password system isnít working.

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    Is the remote control still enabled on the Kasa? you may also try to login the tplink cloud website to see whether you account works, or try to reset the password on the website: https://www.tplinkcloud.com/

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    To answer your question, the Kasa app works fine. The problem is the Alexa connection to Kasa.
    I solved the problem by finding the original email and password. For whatever reason changing the email and password at the TP-Link website does not changed the email and password for reestablishing the connection between Alexa and my Kasa devices. Fortunately I use a password manager and just created another entry for TP-Link named “TP-Link on Alexa” with the original email and password. Somewhere there is a bug. Thanks for your assistance.
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    Good to know that, thanks for sharing!


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